October 10, 2017 Meeting Minutes - Cecil County SECAC

SECAC Meeting started at 6:32


Cecil County Corollary Sports Program:

Sue Snyder Athletic Director

Chrissy Webster Coach

-- 12 years

Coordinated with Special Olympics


Fall Tennis, Winter Bowling, Spring Bocce Ball

All equipment and uniforms are provided

Tournaments and State Championships

All children are welcome - non disabled & disabled.

Challenger Baseball:

Within the Maryland district 5 Little league

Ages 6 - 21

$40 per kid

Oriole's staff participate in an event

3 teams 3 innings, no outs

Improved social skills

A lot of the same experiences of other leagues

9-10 kids are picked to go to fantasy camp with the Orioles

Special Olympics:

Kendall Z. & Stacy

27 different sports

8 - 99 years of age

Working on middle school Corollary Sports Program

Developing leadership skills

Healthy Athletes Program (basically free physicals)

National games every 4 years

World games every 5 years

Parent Resource Center

Katie Seymour

Located at Cherry Hill Middle School

Tons of resources available

Programs and support services